The most exciting and nuanced music is performed live
- in front of an audience, in concert.

Capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments in a multitrack recording.

A multitrack concert recording is much more useful and satisfying than a simple stereo soundboard recording since every instrument and microphone gets recorded to a separate track: the guitar gets recorded to it's own track, the bass gets recorded to another track, the lead singer to another track - you understand.

After the concert, the tracks can be mixed and fine tuned just the way the artist wants, with effects like equalization, reverb, compression, etc.


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get a multitrack recording of your concert


"For years, I played and realized that things happen live that never, ever happen anywhere else. I said, 'If this matters, then it matters to have the recording" - Darrell Scott


"Our best work was never recorded. We were performers in Liverpool, Hamburg and around the dance clubs and what we generated was fantastic." - John Lennon, speaking of The Beatles


Ken Edwards has been making live concert recordings since 1981
for musicians, record labels, websites, radio stations and concert promoters

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include bonus live tracks on your studio cd
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"Music is a performance—I never get that magic from a record that I do from a live performance, that sensation when you feel like time has stopped. That sort of thing doesn't happen with me with records. Records to me are more compositional art or construction art, I'm not sure how I would describe it." - Jesse Winchester


Keep the music alive long after the last note is played with a multitrack concert recording.


"I live for those live moments when the sound and emotion becomes this monstrous force bigger than the individual musicians, it becomes a unique creation and feel, exciting and calming at the same time, difficult to describe but I'm addicted to it" - Michael Landau

Don't you want a high quality recording that you can fine tune, rather than only having your performances captured in random increments in low-resolution video by cell phones?